Fedrigoni 365


2023 saw the Fedrigoni 365 collaboration harness the power of 365 creatives, with each one visually interpreting the theme ‘love’.




Freelife Merida Burgundy
Ispira Rosa Fucsia
Ispira Rosso Passione
Materica Quarz
Sirio Color Nude
Sirio Color Vermiglione
Sirio Color Vino
Sirio Color Rough Cherry
Sirio Color Rough Flamingo
Sirio Pearl Rose Gold
Sirio Pearl Red Fever
Woodstock Cipria
Woodstock Rosa

Fedrigoni 365 has always been an expression of love. It has been its own love letter to the power of creativity, of fine paper and of exquisite print. Uniting so many designers under one shared goal of design, positivity and collaboration has been, and continues to be, one of the best parts of this project.

The events over the last few years have highlighted the importance of these expressions of unity, of kindness and of love. They stand as a reminder to love more and to love harder. So this year, contributors to the project been asked to spread this message by using the idea of ‘love’ as the core inspiration behind their designs.

As with all beautiful objects, there is an intricate and unseen craft that has been invested into each unique copy. The book contains 365 individual labours of love, printed on a beautiful mélange of red to pink hues from Fedrigoni’s vast range of fine papers.

This year is a particular joy in that it focuses the minds of so many creatives on one single theme. The results really are indicative of the individuality of each mind and of each designer as they range from the emotionally sublime to the tongue-in-cheek ridiculous – but we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Participants coming soon.